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Fire – Nature’s Housekeeper

The earliest European settlers to North America recorded indigenous peoples' use of fire for clearing land, hunting and gathering activities, and in warfare. However, post-Columbus settlers did not understand fire as a natural process, and sought to suppress fire...

The Southern Blue Ridge Fire Learning Network

The Southern Blue Ridge Fire Learning Network

The Southern Blue Ridge Fire Learning Network (SBR FLN) will hold their annual meeting in Hiawassee on May 16th thru 18th.  The SBR FLN is a gathering of natural resource managers who are dedicated to bringing fire back into our mountain environment. Fire is...

Smokey’s Tips for Safe Debris Burning

Smokey’s Tips for Safe Debris Burning

Spring is the time for us to emerge from our winter hibernation and start cleaning our yards to get rid of all the debris, leaves, limbs, and pine straw that has collected since last fall. The usual method to do this is to pile it in the yard, light a match and watch...

How Some Trees Can Defend Themselves Against Fire

These days wildfire flames consume many of the earth’s forests more frequently than ever before. Now, a study from Princeton University suggests that trees in traditionally fire-prone areas have a competitive edge for survival: thicker bark, which helps shield their...

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Recently, I spent 6 days at the FEMA National Fire Academy in Maryland in a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) class, (I graduated!). A CWPP is a written plan or road map that a community uses to prepare for wildfires that require local resources to protect the...

It Finally DID Happen Here!

It Finally DID Happen Here!

I have been telling you for several years that it’s not a matter of IF a wildfire will happen in your neighborhood but WHEN!     WHEN finally came to our area recently with the Rock Mountain fire near Tate City and in the Upper Hightower Creek area. Even...

We Must Heed the Wildfire Wake-up Call

Our North Georgia and Western North Carolina mountain views have become smoky and hazy these days, and on Code Red days we’re told to stay inside, run our ACs, and breathe filtered air. At this time, dozens of fires throughout WNC and North Georgia have burned more...

Wildland Fire Prevention Education Teams

For the past 4 or 5 years, the Chestatee-Chattahoochee RC&D Council has been working with local emergency agencies in several counties in Northeast Georgia to create emergency plans to handle the fires that we have been telling you would happen sooner or later and...

Southern Appalachian RC&D FAC Coalition

Making Things Happen for the Appalachian Mountains


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